Friday, March 16, 2007

LCD Dell

In my long search for a LCD quality screen at a reasonable price, Dell products are standing high.

The parameters for my perfect video are:
  • wide format is something I'd really like
  • Panel should be reasonably good
  • the larger the better, 27" or 30" is my upper limit
  • no speakers, no TV input
LCD technology is a different world from LCD marketing, nowadays.
Fast and contrasty are cheap TN panels, perfect for some, nightmare for others
S-PVA, PVA, S-IPS and variants are the keywords everyone interested in colors should seek in characteristics. Unfortunately panel types are not published from producer in the technical specifications., in dansk (!), has a good database of LCD producer and panel types.
It's a goldmine, really! From this site I can read that the following Dell LCDs are,
and prices in € from the Dell's site (today is Sep 25th 2007)

3007 WFP-HC : S-IPS 1785€
2707 WFP : S-PVA 1106€
2407 WFP-HC : S-PVA 982€
2007 WFP : S-IPS 502€

I reasonably think that all these panels / LCDs are of excellent quality,
now it's just a matter of a good price/quality ratio...

I'm oriented towards the Dell 2407 and 2707. Since my current CRT screen is
still working, I've no hurry, but I'm just checking prices...

On March 16th 2007 prices were:
Dell 2707 1169,10€
Dell 2407 1078,80€

but between Jan and Feb of 2007, 2407WFP had a price of 674€... so stay tuned!

I've found, googglin' around, a gamer loving his 2407WFP

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